About Thandi Mandi

Thandi Mandi is an e-commerce platform for temperature sensitive food like frozen snacks, frozen vegetables, frozen chicken, and frozen fish among others. Now any grocery retailer or hotels, restaurants, and cafes can order frozen food and get temperature-controlled delivery the very next day without paying any delivery charges. 

Thandi Mandi is a direct-to-business market place that stores and distributes safe-to-consume temperature-sensitive food products.  We ensure that every temperature-sensitive food is handled with the highest standards of temperature quality, to offer the end consumer a safe and ultimately fulfilling experience. Not maintaining the appropriate temperature has been known to destroy the nutritional value of food, and also make the food unsafe to consume.  With our end-to-end cold supply chain capabilities at AbleCold Logistics, highest quality of food with higher shelf life - from our cold storage facility to your doorstep.

why we started Thandi Mandi?

Retailers and Horecas usually face the issue of temperature-sensitive food wastage because the food is not delivered at the right temperature and at the end has to bear losses. The food is of excellent quality when it leaves the storage facility, but the problem mainly lies in the transit temperature, that is, the delivery takes place in regular transport in which the temperature cannot be controlled. Not only the retailers and Horecas are impacted by this but also the consumers who buy this food which is not only unsafe to consume but has also lost its taste.
Given the lack of consumer awareness and strong regulatory bodies, this has only been worsening in India. With our learnings of building AbleCold Logistics, we knew how to ensure absolute temperature control, from the factories/ports to the business and ultimately to consumers. We also believe it is the basic right of every consumer to have access to safe food. Thandi Mandi is our attempt to correct this problem

How does this work?

Our brand partners stores their products in the cold storage facility maintained by parent company Ablecold logistics. All the products are stored at the required temperature whether be it frozen, chilled, or ambient. When the businesses place orders the food is taken from the storage and directly delivered to the retailers or Horecas, maintaining the same temperature as their storage temperature, during the transit also. This ensures the highest quality is maintained and increased the shelf life of the products.